Seed splicing allows you to craft new seed types, rather than gather them, by harnessing the mystical powers of redstone.

Splicing recipes Edit

Hybrid seeds: redstone + seeds

Hybrid seeds +

... rose seeds = apple seeds
... dandelion seeds = lemon seeds
... pumpkin seeds = orange seeds
... melon seeds = avocado seeds
... apple seeds = tomato seeds
... lemon seeds = corn seeds
... orange seeds = cotton seeds
... avocado seed = lettuce seeds

Corn seeds +

... rose seeds = carrot seeds
... dandelion seeds = onion seeds
... pumpkin seeds = soy beans
... melon seeds = tea leaves

To disable splicing Edit

Rename the file splicing.xie to _splicing.xie (note the underscore) in your .minecraft/mods/Xie/content/default folder to disable seed splicing.

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