Soybeans are a harvested product from Soybean Plants. While they cannot be directly eaten, they can either be planted for another Soybean Plant, or be processed into Milk (soy), Tofu, and cooked Tofu.


Milk (soy)Edit

Getting sick of chasing around those loud carbon-producing cows? I am too. That's why soy milk was invented. Look it up.

Craftscrop 01

Soy Milk Recipe

Glitch: Some may experience the recipe to leave you with both a bucket of milk and empty bucket. (2 buckets from 1)


Just arrange soy beans in a 3x3 to craft tofu. Can be used to substitute meat as a protein in Sammiches and Salads.

Replenishes 2.5 hunger points with 0.3 nourishment.

Cooked TofuEdit

Toss Tofu in the furnace and whatcha get?

A nice warm mushy treat that replenishes 3.5 hunger points with 0.6 nourishment.

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