Ketchup is a sauce used for creating Salads and Sammiches. It is crafted with three tomatoes, a pile of salt, sugar, an onion and a glass bottle. The bottle is returned after using it in a recipe.

Ketchup recipe


Salt can be found on blocks of sand near water, it looks like a thin layer of snow over the top of the sand. When you hit it with anything (including your fists) the salt will pop off and leave the sand block behind.

Salt is used in crafting Tomato Juice and Beef jerky


Mayonnaise is created by mixing an egg and a lemon with a bowl of oil, it is used as a sauce in making Salads and Sammiches.
Craftscrop 12



Oil is created by squeezing either 6 seeds, or 3 corn kernels into a wooden bowl. It is used to make Mayo.

Craftscrop 11


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